Vol. 4, No. 11; November 2014

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Brazilian Direct Investment in South America: Evolution and Sectoral Analysis
Giuliana Aparecida SantiniPigatto, GessuirPigatto, Renato Dias Baptista
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The Influence of Knowledge Management on Managing Organizational Risk
Emanuel Lauria, Dr. Traron Moore, Dr. Connie O’Brien, Dr. Rebecca Staunton, Subhashish Samaddar
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We Are All “Passing” (for Better or for Worse?) Outing Ourselves, Ending the Masquerade
Scott Neumeister
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Does Actual “Artistic” Communication Exist? Contributions from Sociology
Pier Paolo Bellini
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Organización Competitiva Glocalizada: Análisis Conceptual Desde El Enfoque Sistémico De La Administración
Jair Enrique Sanclemente Castro
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Electronic Medical Record: Exploring Benefits and Barriers Perceived by Mental Health Providers
Yaritza M. López-Robledo, Diana M. López-Robledo, Vanessa Torres-García, Michelle Santiago-Medina
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Globalization, Hypertext and Literature: Changes in Authoring and Reading
Dr. Khalid Alqadi
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The Impact of Identity, Ethnicity and Class on Guyana’s Strategic Culture
George K. Danns
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Election Awareness of Centro Escolar University-Malolos Students: An Indicator of Social Responsibility
Edna Liza M. Victoria, Nilo V. Francisco
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Brand Personality of Centro Escolar University Basis for Developing Strong Brand Identity
Maria Dinna P. Avinante, Nilo V. Francisco, Josan D. Tamayo, Elvira G. Borlongan, Nerissa dela Cruz
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Explorations with a Curriculum in Compassion
Brandon P. Thompson
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Nature and Management of Solid Waste in Karu Nasarawa State, Nigeria
Anyanwu, N. C.; Dr. Adefila, J. O.
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Water Supply Situation in the Crystalline Hydrogeological Province of Northern Nigeria: A Case Study of Nasarawa Town and Environs, Northcentral Nigeria
M. A. Kana, K. Schoeneich, M. L. Garba
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Socioeconomic, Financial and Production Infrastructure Profile of Farmers in Rural Settlements in the Western Region of the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Luana Possari Maziero, Sandra Cristina de Oliveira, Leonardo de Barros Pinto, Maurício Endo Higuchi
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A Critique of Western Education and Search for a Functional and Environment-Based African Education
Okpalike, Chika J. B. Gabriel
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