Satisfaction with Life of Women Over 65 Years and the Related Importance of Exercising
Dr. Tatjana Novak

Satisfaction with life is affected by several factors, which are reflected on personal, physical and mental level, and are indirectly expressed through the interactions of an individual in the environment. Satisfaction with life generally reflects optimism, positive thinking and willingness to live also in the period which is referred to as aging period. In the research, which took place from the year 2006 to 2011, we monitored the satisfaction with life of women aged over 65 and the changes in satisfaction with life, which occurred with regular physical activity in the form of adapted exercising. In 2006, the research included 64 women from Kamnik, Domžale, Kranj, Cerklje and Šenčur with the surrounding areas, aged 65 and older who were the members of the local senior citizens’ associations. Of these, 32 participated in the exercising group and 32 in the control group. The average age of women in the exercising group was 69.68 and in the control group 70.75. In 2011, 20 participants from the exercising group, 74.35 years old on average and 17 participants from the control group, 75.12 years old on average, actively participated in the research. Significant differences in the improvement of satisfaction with life were revealed with the participants of the exercising group who were monitored from 2006 to 2011, which could be associated with a positive effect of regular adapted exercising. We estimate that the greater satisfaction with life was influenced by a positive attitude towards the regular weekly exercising, the pleasure of socializing, the new friendships and overall relaxation and well-being at the time of exercising.

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