Effective Brainstorming in Teaching Social Studies for Elementary School
Dr. Mohammed Khzaiyem ALshammari

The aim of this study is to examine The Effective of Brainstorming in Teaching Social Studies On The Achievement Students of Elementary School in Saudi Arabia. The sample of the study consisted of (62) One- Grade male students selected by purposeful sampling In Jafar School. The sample of the study was divided into two groups such that experimental group consisted of (31) students who studied using the traditional method. To achieve the purpose of the study, the researcher designed the teaching material in accordance to Brainstorming, and achievement test to measure the acquisition of students in the unit "Issues and problems". The results of the study showed statistically significant differences in the achievement and the total of achievement in favor of the experimental group that studied using the Brainstorming. The study recommended the inclusion of Brainstorming as an instructional strategy in education and that the Elementary teachers should use Brainstorming in their daily lesson plans.

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