Experience & Expectations Deliverables Disconnects and Connects
Bruce Edward Watson

The notion of the ‘student experience’ forms prime rhetoric woven through educational literature; both students and staff form this experience through educational and social practices within the university context. The measure of an experiential worth is framed firstly from an expectation of that experience, this expectation becomes the meter by which the experience is gauged remembered and reflected upon. The Student experience cannot be framed solely from its singular present moment and must be integrated firstly with the expectations that contribute to a fuller understanding of that ‘experience’ in a measured manner. Koselleck notes: “No event can be narrated, no structure represented, no process described without the use of historical concepts which make the past conceivable” (Koselleck1985, P. 112). This research endeavour examines the temporal structures of experience and expectation. The finding of this research will provide a forecast of future student engagement where the connection of expectation and experience would be designed from an integrated user experience position.

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