Vol. 4, No. 12; December 2014

Table of Contents
The Imperialism of Rights: Tracing the Politics and History of Human Rights
Vitus Ozoke
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Study of Possible Relation between Drought and Solar Activity in the Territory of Azerbaijan
Askar Mammadov, Vugar Abdullayev
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Practices from the Field Exploring the Needs/Impact of Non-traditional Transfer Students Participating in a Discipline-Based Learning Community
Charisse T. M. Coston, Anita N. Blowers, Douglas A. Baals
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Empresarios Migrantes Michoacanos En Estados Unidos: El Caso Huandacareo Michoacán Migrant Entrepreneurs in the USA: The Case of Huandacareo
Eduardo Fernández Guzmán, Perla Shiomara del Carpio Ovando
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Causes and Control of Loan Default/Delinquency in Microfinance Institutions in Ghana
Alex Addae-Korankye
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An Empirical Study of the Impact of Non-Store Retailing on Consumers’ Satisfaction in Calabar Metropolis, Nigeria
Mrs. Glory Basil, Mr. Ezekiel Maurice Sunday, Mr. Joseph Anyadighibe, Mr. Johnson Edward
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Influence Newly Syntesized Manganese Complexes with Amino Asids on Morphophysiological Chracteristics Wheat Germ
Kahramanova Sh.I, Guliyeva E.A., Suleymanov G.Z.
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The Impact of Accounting Information in the Libyan Economy: A Qualitative Case Study Approach
Bubaker F. Shareia, Helen Irvine
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Lynn Mbuko and the Criticism of Early Marriage in there is Time for Everything
Dr. Busari Lasisi
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Psychotherapeutic Approach in the Management of Depressive Symptoms on Cognitive Task Performance among the Physically Challenged Students of Rehabilitation Centre, Ibadan, Nigeria
A. O. Busari, Mike S. Eniola
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The Electiveness of the Design Pattern of the Educational Blog in Enhancing Sixth Graders’ Reading Comprehension Skills
Abdullah Saleh Abdulaziz Al-Sagaby, Dr. Alhasan Yahya Alsaadi Allamankhrah
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The Research and Development of the Future Fashion Design
QIU Chunyan, HU Yue
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