Impact of Target Deposit Mobilization on Unethical Issues and Employee’ Dissatisfaction in Nigerian Banking Sector
Adamu Garba Alooma, Sunday Atadiose

This study examines the impact of target deposit, unethical practices and employees’ dissatisfaction in Nigerian banking sector. The study revealed that there is no significance difference in the opinion expressed by both male and female employees on the unethical issues they are exposed to in order to achieve their target deposit mobilization. The study also shows that employees are dissatisfied with the challenges they went through ranging from bribery to win accounts, indecent dressing by female employees’ to seduce rich men, sexual harassment, blackmail and eventually suffering from hypertension for inability to meet the set target deposit mobilization. It shows that employees’ were exposed to so many challenges to retain their jobs with their respective banks which have serious consequences on their personal lives as well as their careers in the banking profession. The study recommends that the Central Bank of Nigeria should ban this practice in the banking sector.

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