Chinese Dream and Chinese-Style of Fashion Design
Shi Yajuan

This paper tries to examine Chinese dream expressed in the Chinese-style fashion design in ter Madam of its passion, power and politics. Passion in Chinese-style fashion design means a deep love and understanding of traditional Chinese culture and its spirit which inspires and nourishes lots of fashion designers. This passion is the same as that initiates the Chinese dream to be a great country in the world. The power of Chinese-style fashion design mainly means the soft power. To create and spread the Chinese-style fashion design and Chinese clothing culture is also part of Chinese dream, which will not only make Chinese’s life more beautiful, help build people’s confidence, but also attract the attention, admiration and aspiration of people around the world. The politics of Chinese-style fashion design means the spirit of opening-up, confident and friendship shown in Sinoforeign diplomatic relationships. President Xi Jinping and the first lady take the lead in spreading traditional Chinese culture and cultivating national spirit in the road of rejuvenation of Chinese culture.

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