Towards a Digital World: Using Social Networks to Promote Learner’s Language
Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Alfaki, Dr. Khalid Alharthy

The purpose of this study was to examine the possibility of using social networks to promote learners’ English language. To do this the experimental research method was used. Data were collected through pre- and posttests. The validity and reliability of both tests were computed first. Two groups of (80) subjects were randomly selected via simple random sampling. The data were analyzed with SPSS. The results showed a remarkable progress of the experimental group, which used social networks compared to the control group, which did not use these social networks. The main findings are: learning through social networks is more effective than traditional learning with no access to social networks, and collaboration is a useful learning strategy in improving one’s second/foreign language. In the light of these findings it is recommended that new technology and the internet should be utilized so as to suit today’s digital learners. The traditional classroom is no longer an ideal place for learning.

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