The Gap in Reading and Mathematics Achievement between Basic Public Schools and Private Schools in Two Administrative Regions of Ghana: Where to Look for the Causes
Stephen Ntim

Enrolment in basic education has made significant progress in Ghana but learning achievements appear to have stagnated in the last couple of years. In this study, interviews with teachers, head teachers, past and current students in basic schools, involved parents and community leaders in these four selected districts conducted to gauge their views on the source of the problems suggest the need to match enrolment with four core issues in mind: a) better-managed and properly supervised schools, b) ensuring high level of teacher motivation, c) a level playing field in resource allocation in the areas of availability of teaching-learning materials, and controlling variability in school infrastructure, d) addressing pressure on public expenditure due to population increase. The findings suggest basic education will require new resources, including public-private partnership. Improving student achievement will also require that new resources are allocated in new ways not just simply based on the rural-urban divide but also ensuring that learning actually takes place whether urban or rural.

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