Electronic Colonialism: Outsourcing as Discontent of Media Globalization
Abida Eijaz, Rana Eijaz Ahmad

This paper addresses the implications of outsourcing during the US-Afghan and the US Iraq conflicts. According to Chomsky media filters every information at five levels. This research focuses on the filtration process at information sourcing level. The objective is to identify and highlight the role and implications of global information sources. Ideologis, policies and politics of developed countries unseeingly affect developing countries due to their increased dependence for information. Analysis of the coverage of conflicts by Pakistani dailies is approached through quantitative analysis, in-depth interviews and focus groups of the related journalists and sub-editors to highlight the outsourcing process. The findings suggest that the main sources of strategic and political news were outside Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan however humanitarian news were covered by Pakistani journalists. Pakistani news sources were facilitating the agenda set by the news agencies of developed countries. This tilt is evident in Pakistan’s foreign policy as well.

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