MARKET ORIENTATION AND BUSINESS PERFORMANCE The Study of Bumiputera Furniture Industry in Kelantan

There is a growing interest in understanding how appropriate alignment between firm strategic market orientation and business performance leads to creating superior value for buyers through three combined-behaviours – customer orientation, competitor orientation and interfunctional coordination. However, previous studies showed that furniture produced by the Bumiputera manufacturer failed to fulfill customer needs. In other words, the industry is currently a producer-led and not a market-led. As a result Bumiputera manufacturer lost their competitiveness in this industry. The issue is therefore, to what extend Bumiputera manufacturer operate with a market-oriented perspective and how its affect their business performance. This study examines the effects of market orientation on business performance in Bumiputera furniture industry in Kelantan. The data was collected from Bumiputera furniture manufactures, wholesalers, and retailers using census method. This study employed a correlation study by using a cross-sectional survey design, which aims to test the relationship between market orientation and business performance among Bumiputera furniture businesses. The results show that the Bumiputera furniture businesses which adopted market orientation have better business performance.

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