A Multidisciplinary Approach of Sport
António Manuel Neves Vicente, Ana Catarina Rocha Mendes Fernando, Helder Manuel Arsénio Lopes

Today’s available means and instruments allow a strategy of understanding sport activities considering its complexity. It’s important to offer new and different approaches in Sport! A structured knowledge allowing a consistent and purposeful development is the main success factor for sport. From a functional analysis of a situation and man itself it is possible to set models that allow understanding the phenomenon and take the decisions that will improve the chances of success. From an extended research on sport activities it was possible to include all known sports in one of the six groups (Collective Sports, Combat Sports, Individual Sports, Open Spaces Sports, Environment Adaptation Sports, Direct Confrontation Sports) proposed by Fernando Almada’s taxonomy, allowing to understand, explain and intervene over any sport activity. We’ll present in a very simplified manner the six proposed models and give a pair of examples to illustrate how the methodology can be used.

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