Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation: An Appraisal
Chukwuma Osakwe, Kelechi Johnmary Ani

History of nations in times past often record some form of relations between them and other nations. Thereafter, the rise of sovereign states transformed the nature of relations amongst states as they began to form alliance with other states and regions. Consequently, regional and inter-regional organization continued to rise in global history. However, the emergence of Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 1989 advanced open interregional integration. This paper has documented the background history of APEC. It showed there strategic economic cooperation dynamics as well as the security dynamics that the organization has adopted in the course of their evolving history. The work equally captured the challenges faced by APEC and called for progressive, sustainable, inter-regional strategy in order to for the member states to attain greater cooperative height in world economic relations.

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