Modeling Violence against Women in Palestinian Society
Mahmoud K. Okasha, Abed H. K. Abu-Saada

This paper aimed to develop a framework for analyzing various forms of violent incidents against women in the Palestinian society in the context of finding a good statistical model that can describe this phenomenon and to find the most important risk factors with the highest effects on the prevalence level of violence against women. The paper is based on an analysis of survey data on domestic violence and includes many socioeconomic, political, and cultural explanatory variables and focuses on violence of various forms against women in the Palestinian territories. The results were that the multinomial logistic regression proved to be a good model and achieved all the goals of this study. The paper concluded that the most important risk factors associated with violence against women are not only directly related to women but also related to the status of their intimate partners and kids. Thus, family development should be the core of any policy program to end violence against women in the society.

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