The Impact of Internship on Moral Sensitivity, Reasoning and the Interrelationships among Moral Sensitivity, Reasoning and Distress
Di You

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of an eight-month long internship on Occupational Therapy students’ moral sensitivity and reasoning using a pre- and post-test design. In addition, the interrelationships among moral sensitivity, reasoning and distress were also examined. Students’ moral sensitivity was measured by the Quick Racial and Ethical Sensitivity Test, moral reasoning was measured by the Defining Issues Test -2 and moral distress was measured by the Moral Distress Scale. Based on the analysis, the internship experience had a non-significant positive effect on students’ ethical sensitivity, whereas the effect on ethical reasoning was not as expected. The relationship between moral sensitivity and reasoning was not significant, nor was the relationship between moral reasoning and distress. The relationship between moral sensitivity and distress was positive and moderate.

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