Statistical Modeling in the Standardization of Production Systems
Prof. Ms.Sandra Helena da Silva de Santis, Prof. Dr.Joao Paulo Pereira Marcicano, Prof. Ms.Carlos Eduardo Dezan Scopinho, Prof. Dr.Maria Silvia Barros de Held, Prof. Dr.Regina Aparecida Sanches

This study aims to demonstrate the use of mathematical modeling in the standards of measures to control the quality of production processes and also the tests of metrical measures of control to follow the specific standards of the norms in Brazil for the characteristics and properties of knitted fabrics and the essential standardization of quality in order to ensure the quality of the products.To ensure a system of quality in the enterprise, it is necessary to define standards (material measures or references) which are parameters used to ensure quality in the production system. In this way, they are very important to the system. The establishment of standardized practices of process is necessary to ensure that the norms are followed by all and the tasks are performed in the most efficient and uniform manner. Therefore, we must establish standards to retest the capacity of the process.The research showed that the processes reveal distortion and instability which can cause faults in the process.

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