Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Relationship: A Research in Erzurum Ataturk University Refectory
Asst.Prof. Erkan SAGLIK, Asst.Prof. Ali Caglar GULLUCE, Ufuk KAYA, Çaglar Kadir OZHAN

In this study, perception of service quality and its impact on satisfaction were examined through a research where students using the refectory within the university campus were selected as the sample. In the study, a survey questionnaire was used as the data collection technique and Ruetzler's (2005) scale, which was developed to measure service quality in a college refectory, was used for creating the survey form. In the methodology, factor analysis, ANOVA, t-test, and multiple regression analysis were performed on 689 valid cases of survey data. Multiple regression analysis was applied to three dimensions of refectory service quality (service, hygiene and atmosphere) that were determined as a result of factor analysis and it was found that these dimensions affect satisfaction positively in general and at the level of 44%. Among the service quality dimensions, it was determined that atmosphere did not have a significant effect on satisfaction. It was concluded that hygiene dimension had a higher impact on satisfaction than the service dimension. Furthermore, it is among remarkable findings of the research that statistically significant differences were found between groups in terms of gender, the amount of monthly expenditure, and the faculty of the respondents as a result of the one-way ANOVA tests and the t-tests.

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