Labour Productivity of Transportation Enterprises by Turnover per Person Employed Before and After the Economic Crisis: Economic Crisis Lessons from Europe
Dr. Lembo Tanning, MSc. Toivo Tanning

The objective of this article is to analyse labour productivity by turnover per person employed of transportation and storage companies in total and by enterprise size class in the EU-15 and EFTA countries and continue with the new EU Member States from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE-8) and the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) or new European Union (EU) states before and after the economic crisis, and to compare them on the EU level. We will look at how the economic crisis has affected transportation companies of various sizes and the number of persons employed. We will analyse the changes in the size classes of companies. The emphasis is on the work efficiency of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) during the economic crisis. We will attempt to answer the following question: what size class did the companies that worked most efficiently belong to, especially in the conditions of the economic crisis, and what is the optimal size for transportation companies? What are the lessons learned from the economic crisis? Based on this and previous publications, we will offer a number of generalized recommendations.

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