Attitudes toward Concepts of Marriage and Divorce in Turkey
Dr. Sevim Atila Demir

Family plays a central role as the buffer institution in the society. During time of social change, family ensures the smooth functioning of this transformation process in the society. For this reason, the institution of family is of vital importance for every society. Family is not only an institution of intense feelings. Its social function is also very significant (Merter, 1990: 3). It is for this reason that changes arising inside the family influence the entire social structure to a great extent. This study explores marriage and divorce aspects of two researches conducted by the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry General Directorate of Family and Social Survey (GDFSS) and Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) together with other studies on the relevant subject pursued in Turkey. Family dynamics of Turkish society in Turkey and in the world are identified. In this way, the paper aims to present findings of studies on marriage and divorce in Turkey to make them available at the international level.

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