A Discourse Analysis: Elementary School Teachers’ Perceptions of Multiculturalism
Ihsan Seyit ERTEM

The purpose of this research was to understand the multicultural perceptions of elementary teachers. Teachers’ comment on a non-print text to view on the role of discourse in meaning process was examined in the research. The subjects were four elementary school teachers from two different countries. The method of research was discourse analysis that inquires about to explicate the inter-related social, cultural aspects of language-in-use within elementary teachers. Elementary school teachers’ experiences and explanations were analyzed without any previous assumptions. After discourse analysis; culture, intertextuality, generalization, discourse, gender and, role of school emerged as major themes. The findings indicate that during speaking elementary teachers negotiated their meanings, values, identities, politics, and semiotics. The interactions among teachers who have the different cultural background impeded their prejudice and stereotype to others and offering a non-print text (multicultural movie) can provide an important function in building teachers’ awareness about multiculturalism.

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