Relationship of the Online English Teachers’ Competencies to Selected Variables: Implications to Online English Teaching
Ivan Perry B. Mercado

This paper discusses a recent study on the relationship of the competencies of the online English teachers to selected variables such as gender, age, civil status, highest educational attainment, monthly income, eligibility and years of experience in current position. The teachers are handling phone and video classes to Korean students. The study used 73 online English teachers, 21 administrators and 650 online students. First, the researcher tried to determine the levels of competencies of the teachers in four areas such as technology knowledge and abilities, communication, online education and content knowledge through the assessment of their administrators and the teachers themselves. Then the teachers were asked to assess the performance of their students in oral communication through the use of an assessment rubric prepared by the researcher. This was done before and after the contract of the students. The results showed that the teachers with excellent skills in the four areas are effective in handling online English classes. The students' performance in online English education improves when handled by highly competent online English teachers. It also showed that the teachers' gender, highest educational attainment and eligibility showed very significant relationship to their competencies.

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