Gender Stereotypes in Current Children’s English Books Used in Elementary Schools in the Republic of Macedonia
Arta Toçi, Melek Aliu

Textbooks used in schools take up a significant role in educating children; they are sources of information and in the same time create an image of what is tolerable in a society. This assumption about books makes everything presented in books be the most appropriate one. In view of that, English textbooks are considered to be the major sources in schools thus, it is important taking into account the ways males and females are presented in the textbooks, and if they have impact on the specific vocabulary used by male and female students who learn English as a foreign language. This study was carried out with three different textbooks used for beginner, preintermediate and intermediate level students, which analyzed the ways they present males and females in terms of professions, appearance, sport/hobbies, personality traits, family roles and housework. . Its intention was to evaluate whether these textbooks consist of any gender stereotypical elements that may affect students’ assumptions and development. The results of this study will raise awareness of English teachers in reconsidering gender stereotypes represented in children’s textbooks and their role on students’ vocabulary.

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