Enhancing the Field Moment of Quantitative Research with Tools and Techniques from the Project Management Body of Knowledge: A Primer
Dr. Lloyd G. Waller, Mr. Stephen Johnson

A review of mainstream and avant-garde research methods texts as well as the scholarly survey methodology space has highlighted the importance of managing the survey field moment of the quantitative research process. This same review has also revealed the absence of any sophisticated techniques and tools within these spaces that can enhance the survey field moment. To address this gap, the goal of this article is to introduce the discipline of quantitative research methods to the project management body of knowledge. Through the use of the autoethnography methodology, we draw on ten years of experience, observation, and reflexive work in the field, working along with colleagues and students who have applied the principles of project management to the execution of quantitative field work. We argue that project management offers quantitative researchers a wide array of tools and techniques to undertake a survey field exercise within time, quality, and cost parameters. The article concludes that the application of project management tools can significantly enhance the field moment of quantitative researchers.

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