Management of Higher Education Institution: Quality Management through Value Based Management
Eneken Titov, Krista Tuulik

The importance of organisational values is probably known for everyone, but possibilities how to implement the organisational values and run the organisations according to values is not as clear. Every University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Estonia has described its values in homepage or in development plan. At the same time the Estonian higher education system is changing and transition to the new evaluation system of HEIs is started. In our article we draw attention to the connection between values of UAS and state requirements for the UAS and find out whether the UAS values are consistent with state requirements. In the management science quality management (QM) and value-based management (VBM) are often being opposed, on the ground that first is process-based and the second is human-based. In real world the HEI’s managers must use both of the tools to achieve the organisations goals and positive results from accreditations.

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