A Social work Study on Social Status Women in Isfahan province. (Iran)
Dr. Mohammad Reza Iravani

The present study is an attempt to assess the influence of age and type of occupation on social status among province women in Isfahan province. A total of 880 Isfahan province women randomly  Isfahan from Isfahan province for the present study. They were administered social status questionnaire, which measured social status from friends, relatives, neighbors and other sources. The results were analyzed through One-way ANOVA. In view of the fact that jobs are different and are dependent on people` s talents, capacities and mental and bodily differences, some jobs are suitable for men and others are suitable for women. But these differences should not make one group inferior to the other. In most countries, of course, there are such limitations for women and although the number of employed women in those countries has been increased since two decades ago, this increase in the number has not been in accord with a just distribution of jobs and incomes between men and women. In effects of some factors like economic depressions, unemployment, unequal job opportunities for men and women in labor market of Iran that has a immediate effect on the level of women` s economic participation, we can add some other cultural and social factors like some certain interpretations of women` s occupational role and negative attitudes toward women` s activities that block the research processes and development of women` s participation in economic activities. In this article, the author, based on some theoretical deliberations and findings of empirical researches, tries to study these blocks.

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