Influence of Keiyo Traditional Circumcision on Aspirations for Higher Education Among Boys in Secondary Schools, Keiyo South District, Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Kenya
Dr. John Koskey Chang’ach

The objective of this paper is to carry out an in-depth investigation into the influence of Keiyo traditional circumcision on aspirations for higher education among boys in selected secondary schools in Keiyo South District. The study was given credence by poor academic performance and general lack of enthusiasm in schooling among circumcised Keiyo boys. The theoretical foundation of this study is functionalism. Functionalism is centred on two claims: first that any society is a unique functioning whole and second that social arrangement and cultural forms have functional significance in relation to the psychological needs of individuals. Stratified random sampling procedure was used to select school and students for the study. A total of 332 students representing 30% of form three secondary school boys in Keiyo South District were selected for the study. The study used causal comparative design. Views were collected by use of a five point Likert scale questionnaire. Data collected was analyzed using t-test, percentages, means and standard deviation. Validity of instrument was done by comparing aspirations score to academic performance, computed using rank order correlation coefficient while reliability was affirmed through test-retest and correlation coefficient computed.

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