Using Photovoice Methodology to Give Voice to the Health Care Needs of Homeless Families
Joyce A. Bredesen, DNP, RN; Marcia S. Stevens, DNSc, RN

Photovoice is a participatory action research strategy that enables community members to document and discuss their life conditions as they see them. This photographic technique can give ―voice‖ to vulnerable populations who seldom have access to policymakers in positions to make change on their behalf. Thirteen homeless individuals living in St. Paul, Minnesota were provided cameras and asked to document the everyday reality of their personal or family‘s health. They were directed to photograph any image they believed either positively or negatively influenced their personal or family‘s health. The primary investigator met with each participant to conduct a semi-structured interview using the participant‘s photographs to guide the interview. Content analysis procedures were used to analyze the recorded interviews. This report is a description of the initial phase of a project that culminated with a public forum designed to develop recommendations for a community action plan.

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