Understanding Human Relations in African Traditional Religious Context in the Face of Globalization: Nigerian Perspectives
Ezenweke, Elizabeth Onyedinma; Nwadialor, Loius Kanayo

The main focus of this paper is to explore the role of African traditional culture in understanding Human Relations in Africa, using Nigerian context as a point of reference, in the face of globalization. Globalization is the intensification of the compression of the global world thereby, removing the boundaries of socio- cultural considerations and bringing people of diverse human relations thought into closer contact which is capable of creating conflict. It appreciates the many positive changes global culture has brought to African soil since its inception but also noted that it has also changed many desirable elements of human relations which aided African civilization in the traditional days. Nevertheless, the African traditional religion has played a remarkable role in sustaining such values but with serious challenges. This paper therefore, aims at exploring the role of the traditional religion in sustaining African values, human relations in particular in spite of the challenges of globalization. It further highlights the challenges of reconciling the traditional views of African human relations with the impact of global culture.

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