University Students: Studying Hard or Hardly Studying? The case of English Sophomore Rhetoric students at Notre Dame University-Louaize
Amal Saleeby Malek

Professors often say that university students are not working to their full potential. Why is it that some students are not taking advantage of the opportunities offered to prepare for a successful career? This paper will present the answers to these questions and will explore the main reasons why students do not take their university education as seriously as they should. Is it, for example, that students do not read enough and therefore have problems understanding, or because they are doing their studies in English, which is not their mother tongue, or, is it because they cannot relate to the material given in the classroom, or simply because they are thinking about their extra-curricular life more than their future career? Based on a Sophomore Rhetoric course (ENL 213), at Notre Dame University-Louaize, a private university in Lebanon, we will try to determine the reasons for this situation, and suggest practical solutions.

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