Rethinking the Street Children Phenomena: An Evaluation of Losses Gains and Anticipation, the Case of Nakuru Municipality, Kenya
Karanja Stephen Njoroge, Kibet Komen, Njeru Moses Kathuri, Mwenda Eric Elias

Throughout the world there are children whose habitation is on the streets and since they domicile in the streets they are generally referred to as street children. In Nakuru town a quick glance is sufficient for one to observe the presence of these street children. These Children are denied their basic rights and are exposed to physical and sexual abuse and they also live in inhumane and deleterious conditions. It is against this background that the study was carried out with the main objective being to find out why the street children phenomenon persists and continues to increase despite all the efforts taken to end it. One hundred street children and six social workers were interviewed and the data obtained was analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Scientist. The study gives various recommendations which include eliminating factors that lead to streetism and utilizing the power of the mass media.

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