Relevance of the Notion ‘Charity Begins at Home’ in English and Islamic Laws: A Comparative Evaluation
Mwinyi T. Haji, Abdulfatai O. Sambo, Abdulkadir B. Abdulkadir, Abdulrazak O. Abdulkadir

The aphorism ‘charity begins at home’ has assumed some legal significance in the law of charity. This is true of the English and Islamic laws. However, the application of this lofty saying seems to have been displaced under the English charity law. Against this backdrop, the paper examines the relevance of the notion of ‘charity begins at home’ in both English and Islamic laws. In doing this, the paper examines the definitions and objects of charity. It also discusses how charity is classified under common law. It further analyses the concept of waqf and its classification under Islamic law. Finally, the paper analyses the application of the aphorism of charity begins at home from the perspectives of English and Islamic laws to show its relevance in both laws.

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