Islamic Perspectives on Birth Control
Salako Taofiki Ajani

Birth Control has been misconstued in the Muslim circle as a kind of innovation which has been developed to satisfy western understanding. Some Muslims see it as an attempt to justify family planning in the modern context. Others perceive it as a concept which is totally against the principle of Islam. Birth control has remained a burning issue which needs to be put at proper perspective. This paper therefore attempts to discuss the Islamic perspectives of birth control by x-raying available documents and schlorlastic opinions. The paper delves into the conceptual meanings of birth control, its historical review to show that the topic is not an innovation to Islam. It further dicusses the modern Islamically approved approaches to birth control while also pointing out methods of birth control which cannot be adopted by Muslims. The paper concludes with proactive approach of taking enlightement campaign of controlling births within one?s resources limit to grassroot level.

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