In Vitro Anticancer Activity of the Crude Extract and two Dicinnamate Isolates from the Jamaican Ball Moss (Tillandsia Recurvata L.)
Henry IC Lowe, Ngeh J. Toyang, Charah Watson, Simone Badal, Perceval Bahado-Singh, Joseph Bryant

A crude chloroform extract from the Jamaican Ball Moss (Tillandsia recurvata L.) was tested for activity against three human cancer cell lines including; A375 (human melanoma), MCF-7 (human breast) and PC-3 (human prostate cancer) using the WST-1 assay. IC50s obtained against these cell lines; A375, MCF-7 and PC-3 in the presence of the crude extract are; 0.9µg/ml, 40.51µg/ml and 5.97µg/ml respectively indicating the promising anti-cancer activity of the ball moss extract. Further, preliminary phytochemical study was conducted in an attempt to identify and isolate the phytochemicals that could possibly be responsible for the observed bioactivity of the ball moss chloroform extract. As a result, two dicinnamates were isolated; 1,3-di-O-Cinnamoyl-glycerol (1) and (E)-3-(cinnamoyloxy)-2-hydroxypropyl 3-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)acrylate (2) and we report for the first time isolation of compound 2. Even though the bioactivity of these two islaotes were fairly weak against the cell lines, the results presented here will prove useful for further research aimed at identifying molecules that maybe effective against melanoma, breast and prostate cancers associated with fewer side-effects.

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