Physical Evidence and Marketing Performance of Commercial Airlines in Nigeria
Asiegbu, Ikechukwu F.; Igwe, Peace; Akekue-Alex, Nenaaton

The main purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which physical evidence affects marketing performance of commercial airlines in Nigeria. Data collected from 110 crew resource managers, aircraft maintenance personnel, pilots, financial accountants, and customer service managers from 29 commercial airlines in Nigeria were analyzed using Pearson’s r and stepwise regression statistics. It was found that physical evidence dimensions – ambience, personnel competence, and service systems design affect marketing performance measures – sales growth, market share and profitability of these airlines. We therefore, recommend that for commercial airlines in Nigeria to substantially increase their marketing performance, they should imbibe strategies that are capable of providing air passengers reliable, safe, and comfortable flights. These include very sound aircrafts with attractive ambience, highly experienced and competent staff, and air passenger-friendly service systems design.

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