A Social work Study of Socioeconomic status, Women in Iran
Dr. Mohammad Reza Iravani

The necessity of preparing women` s development and participation grounds in different economic, social, political and cultural areas of Iran, while the women` s economic expansion, that is, suitable using of human power, along with development goals in industrial developed countries is a symbol of development, it seems that women` s occupation out of house in Iran is confronted with some misinterpretations, critiques, misjudgments and misgivings. In addition to effects of some factors like economic depressions, unemployment, unequal job opportunities for men and women in labor market of Iran that has a immediate effect on the level of women` s economic participation, we can add some other cultural and social factors like some certain interpretations of women` s occupational role and negative attitudes toward women` s activities that block the research processes and development of women` s participation in economic activities. In this article, the author, based on some theoretical deliberations and findings of empirical researches, tries to study these blocks.

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