Psycho-Social Attributes of Kenyan University Athletes: Social Learning and Motivational Theories Perspectives
E,G.Rintaugu; M.Masiga; I,M.Kamande; H,Were, S, Litaba, J.K,Kinoti, J,K.Ikiamba

The purpose of this study was to investigate the psycho-social attributes of university athletes. These psycho-social attributes included, the influence of significant others, reasons for specializing in specific sport, motives for participation and players’ retirement prospects. Questionnaires were administered to 674 players drawn from 21 universities which participated during the 3rd edition of Kenya interuniversity championships held from 17-21 December, 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, i.e. frequencies and percentages. Results indicated that the university athletes had late entry into sports, 90.1% joined sport due to enjoyment, their continued participation was due to success 92.8%, greatest influence to participate in sport came from themselves 97.6% and 83.1% will be engaged in recreational sport after retirement from competitive sport. The study recommends that universities sports personnel rethink, design and implement talent identification and nurturing programmes. Coaches and lecturers should guide university athletes further their education alongside participating in intercollegiate sport so that they can have alternative career choices upon retirement. Further studies need to be conducted to unearth the personal, psychological, technical and tactical attributes of university athletes.

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