New Product Development Activities among Small and Medium-Scale Furniture Enterprises in Ghana: A Discriminant Analysis
Martin Amoah, Francis Fordjour

This study examined the characteristics of Ghanaian SMFEs that influence new product development (NPD) activities; determined the tactics used by the SMFEs to develop new products; and investigated the internal and external factors that can be used to differentiate between SMFEs that have the propensity to develop new products from those that do not. In general, NPD activities were found to be very low among the firms studied. Imitation was the overarching NPD tactics with firms with low technological capabilities more likely to adopting this strategy. Firm owners’ educational qualifications and years in business appear to be the discriminant factors that can be used to differentiate firms that are engaged in NPD activities from those that do not, an indication that for SMFEs, NPD activities depend largely on the competencies and capabilities of the owners. The synergy between educational level and years in business appear to increase firms’ propensity to use more environmentally-friendly materials for furniture production.

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