Governance Perceptions of Informal Enterprise Operators in Zaria, Nigeria
OLADIMEJI Joseph. S, OJIBO Sunday. D

This paper considered the governance perceptions of informal enterprise operators in Zaria, a city in northern Nigeria. Two hundred (200) informal enterprise operators were chosen from a stratified sample frame, using systematic random sampling. The paper assessed four institutions of urban governance, using indicators of the principles of Good Urban Governance adapted from the Global Development Research Centre (GDRC). The governance assessment process of the institutions under appraisal revealed a very low total average score of 25.13%, this implied that the governance structure and process in the study area was very poor and required urgent intervention, if the climate for healthy economic development for operators in the informal economy is to be achieved. Other problems identified in the course of the study include, poor information dissemination by governance institutions, lack of micro-credit facility, inadequate business space, inadequate skills development outlets, poor infrastructural provision, and so on. Recommendations were made at the end covering the identified problem areas.

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