Gender Beliefs and Spheres of Discrimination A Case Study of Village Dasuha, District Faisalabad
Mamonah Ambreen, Anwaar Mohyuddin

This article focuses on gender beliefs of the people in a Punjabi village. An effort has been made to shows the discriminating attitude of the natives regarding their daughters’ upbringing, socialization and education. During the last couple of decades awareness among the people regarding the importance of gender literacy and equality of rigths has been created but even then a gender gap prevails. People are still relectant to give the due rights of their daughters which may include food allocation, inheritance, health, division of labour, economic activities and education. This study identifies the spheres of gender discrimination. The focus of study is to find the actual reason of low participation rate of female education with reference to gender empowerment. The efforts have been made to find out the culture perception of parents regarding their daughter’s socialization and gender discrimination between female and male children while their grooming. This research was conducted in Villag Dasuha District Faisalabad. Qualitative anthropological techniques were used to collect emperical data.

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