Legal Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Corporate Formats
Marc-Antoine Carreira da Cruz

This research project aims to determine which factors are needed in the development of new legal frameworks for social entrepreneurship, and more especially new format of corporate law dedicated to social entrepreneurship. We focus on the case of the US Low Profit Limited Liablity Company (L3C) format and the overview of developments in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Luxemburg. Our research demonstrates that an optimum legal innovation dedicated to social entrepreneurship encompasses different conditions. First, to watch over the compatibility between provisions (old and new) of tax law rules, corporate law regulations and constitutional law. Second, organizing coordinated and coherent public information around the legal security and the tax advantages of the new format for private actors interested in adopting the new format. Third, strengthen the channels between different levels of legislative powers especially when the competences related to corporate law and tax law are split. Finally, to promote the branding of the new legal format near private actors.

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