The Effect of Using Brainstorming Strategy in Developing Creative Problem Solving Skills among Female Students in Princess Alia University College
Dr. Bilal Adel Al-khatib

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of using brainstorm strategy in developing creative problem solving skills among female students in princess Alia University College. The sample of the study consisted of (98) female students. The sample was distributed into two classes, the first represents the experimental group totaling (47) students taught through brainstorming strategy within the course of developing thinking skills in the academic year 2010/2011, and the second represents the control group totaling (51) students. The instruments of this study were a program to use brainstorming strategy and Torrance creative thinking test. Both validity and reliability were checked by the researcher. The findings of the study showed that there are statistical significant differences at the level of (α = 0.05) between the experimental group and the control group in the total score and the sub scores of the creative thinking in the favor of the experimental group indicating the effectiveness of using brainstorming strategy in developing creative thinking skills. The researcher recommended the use of this strategy in universities as well as conducting more studies regarding its effect by using other samples in different environments.

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