Modeling Temperature as a Constraining Factor for Cocoa Yield in Ondo State
Ajayi I. R., Afolabi O.M., Fayose R. S., Sunday A.G., Mohammed M.Z.

This research work has focused on the contribution of temperature on the yield of cocoa in Ondo state. A supervised classification was done to show the locations and the corresponding temperature. The interpretation charts show that months with high cocoa yield are relatively hot with temperature above 30oC. Abrupt monthly mean temperature below 30oC during the fruiting period—November to January correspond to low sunshine, thereby impeding ripening and quick drying of cocoa beans, hence low cocoa production. It has also shown the temperature range (27°C - 33°C) in the cocoa producing areas of Ondo state. This was achieved by the temperature model for cocoa production in the state.

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