Does Corporate Governance affect Bank Profitability? Evidence from Nigeria
Akpan, Emmanuel S; Riman, Hodo B

Understanding the issue of Governance goes beyond having political entities running an organization in other to maximize shareholders wealth to including the corporate players of that entity whose goal is to maximization profit. Corporate players are the major drivers of today’s global economy, so much so that some organizations in developed countries have achieved turnovers that are higher than some countries GDP. However, the fundamental of corporate governance is to promote fairness, transparency, accountability as well as guide corporate bodies in their action and deed. This study therefore examines the relationship between corporate governance and banks profitability in Nigeria. The study discovered that good corporate governance and not assets value determine the profitability of banks in Nigeria. The study made four (4) recommendations, one of which is to encourage banks to have small but qualitative board size that is made up of financial and legal professionals .

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