Integrating the Law into Military Operations and the Key Principles Affecting the Conduct of All Military Operations in Armed Conflicts

Most armed conflicts fought today, are characterized by gross violations of the laws of war. Key principles that affect all military operations are more often not observed. This has led to loss of several lives and properties. Integrating the law into military operations and the key principles affecting the conduct of all military operations in armed conflicts, have remained some of the greatest challenges that confronts international humanitarian law today. Therefore, this paper examines these challenges and its attendant implications on socio-economic and political development of nation states in international political arena. Accordingly, data for this work were mainly gathered from secondary sources of recorded human documents. Its research design was based on ex-post facto analysis. Hence, the gross violations of the international law governing armed conflicts, especially with respect to key principles governing the operational conducts of combatants during armed hostilities, have necessitated loss of lives and destruction of properties. As such, the United Nations, in conjunction with other related international bodies, should come out with more stringent measures to address these anomalies, in such a way that fundamental principles and other rules governing armed conflicts must be observed by all parties involved in any given armed hostilities.

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