The United Nations and Management of Armed Hostilities in Africa: Implications on Internally Displaced Persons in Mano River Basin

Since 1960 to date, Africa has been characterized by armed hostilities of all kinds. Many countries have been involved in certain armed conflicts which have left more than 30% of their population internally displaced. Therefore, this paper seeks to examine the United Nations and Management of Armed hostilities in Africa, and its attendant implications on internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Mano Region. Methodologically, we generated our data from secondary sources of recorded human documents. We adopted the ex-post facto research design and Ballum Justum theory (theory of a Just War). Inherently, there are certain dangers in fighting armed hostilities and that of the Mano River Basin is not an exception, considering the magnitude of havoc, cost for the citizens of those countries. Accordingly, the United Nations should place more premium on the rehabilitation, reintegration, resuscitation and general rebuilding of the IDPs in the said region. Its compliance with these measures would contribute immensely to the reviving of the Mano River Basin into the center stage of world politics.

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