Influence of Inundations on Territorial Organization of Economy in Aran Region of Azerbaijan
N. A. Pashayev, H. A. Aliyev

In recent years, inundations take place more compared to other natural processes as a result of global climatic changes in the world. Scientific study and prediction of inundation process is very important issue for researchers of this field. Within the last decades, population and industrial areas of many lowland areas have been experiencing inundation regularly. Damage caused by this natural disaster is at the center of attention of scientists. In the Republic of Azerbaijan, more than 3 million people dwelling in 570 settlements also face inundation. Most destructive inundations in Azerbaijan take place in Aran economic region which shares 20% of the country’s population and 23% of the overall territory. Study of economic and socio-geographical aspects of inundation that creates huge problems for the country’s economy is a topical issue to-day. In this paper, damage caused by inundations to living condition of population and economy in Aran region have been researched.

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