Contribution of University Research Centers to Turkish SMEs in Industrial Design Process: A Case of Automotive Seatings
Alper Çalgüner, Serkan Güneş, Cemil Yavuz

Indicating considerable impact through the organizational and economical structures and market shares of large scale firms, design management process have to be analyzed in means of the competitive methods of innovation oriented companies that are planning to place in a mature market in the short term. Through the scope of this study, the strategical approaches of a market leader firm in Turkish automotive seating and accessory production sector and its reflections to design outputs are surveyed. Besides, the positive and negative commercial consequences through the product development activity carried out in cooperation with a university research and application center (SANTUM, Gazi University, Ankara), as well as the required organizational management applications towards the commercial aims determined by the informant company; is discussed by a case study.

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