The General Certificate Examinations as a Tool of Measurement & Quality Control of Educational Objectives in Some Arab Countries with Special Reference to Saudi Arabia
Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek

National examinations are means by which learners' academic achievements can be judged, through national competitions of standardized examinations. The General Certificate of Education (GCE) is an effective tool for the assessment of educational objectives; as from the results achieved by students in these examinations, we can measure: the degree of their performance, to see the points of strength to reinforce them or to spot weaknesses to cure them. These tests can also tell us about the effectiveness of the teaching force in their practice in classrooms, as well as telling us about the success of the teaching units (curriculum). The (GCE) is a tool of quality control, through which the organization (state, government, institute) can achieve social, cultural and political agendas. The decentralization of the Saudi school certificate - as an example - was expected to serve national objectives, but it has yielded negative impact on education, due to the implementation of controversial examining criteria of students' performance, as a result of absence of uniformity of measuring devices within the teachers' community. The (GCE) is an important educational document. It is a means of assessment, control device, as well as a symbol of national pride; with local and international implications.

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