Histological Study of the Effects of Aluminium Chloride Exposure on the Testis of Wistar Rats
Adebayo Adekunle Buraimoh, Samuel Adeniyi Ojo, Joseph Olajide Hambolu, Sunday Samuel Adebisi

Aluminium compounds are used in pharmaceuticals and in water treatment processes.Testis is one of a pair of organs(pleural is Testes)and are site of sperm production.This study was aimed at evaluating the effects that aluminium chloride exposure could have on the testis of wistar rats. The wistar rats were divided into five groups:Group I was the control that received distil water while Groups II to V were given various concentrations of Aluminium chloride.After eight weeks of oral administration,the wistar rats were humanely sacrificed and the testes were removed and fixed in bouin’s fluid.The testes were processed and stained in Haematoxylin and Eosin.The histological observations revealed seminiferous tubules that attained different shapes, vacuolar cytoplasm with loss of normal distribution of the epithelial linning in treated groups when compared with control group.We therefore conclude that aluminium chloride exposure could be detrimental to the integrity of the testes of wistar rats.

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