Conceptual Agent-Based Model for Analyzing the Regional Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on Structural Change in the Romanian Agriculture
Boróka-Júlia Bíró

Agent-based modeling is an approach receiving more and more attention within the agricultural economists’ community. Incorporating the impact of individual decision making, ABMs use a bottom-up approach that studies what emerges from individual decision makings and interactions, and not a top-down - average of all – classical situation. The creation of a virtual world using ABM seems to be more realistic, but more complex, and harder to treat and to interprete its outputs. Present study proposes to give a short overview on: complex systems, agriculture as a complex system, as well as on agent-based modeling and the rationale behind using this approach in agricultural economics. In the second part of the article a conceptual model is built up that should serve as a base for studying the regional impact of different Common Agricultural Policy scenarios in Romania.

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